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My name is Nancy Takach and I'm a proud graduate of WCCMT's 3000 hour program.


As a massage therapy practitioner I offer family oriented therapeutic massage and bodywork, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Sports massage, pre and post natal massage, trigger point release, full body restorative and relaxation massage.


I have worked with people dealing with a vast array of conditions such as;


Carpal tunnel

Back pain



Muscle strains

Hip replacements

Jaw pain

Neurological conditions

Rotator cuff injuries

Sports injuries


Circulatory issues




Scar tissue

And much more.....


Using a wide range of modalities, my massage therapy offers numerous health-related benefits, from improved physical conditions to mental peace of mind.

Here, you will get the opportunity to undergo treatment in a relaxed, private, soothing setting;

I provide relief to the body by peeling away layers of stress restoring mobility and circulation to muscle tissue easing joints and hot spots of pain.


Flexible hours are available by appointment; so whether you're looking for a weekly session or simply want to come in and get treated as needed, I am more than happy to accommodate.


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